Change is the only constant

The creation and preservation of wealth for you now and future generations is our passion and what drives us. We combine objective advice and our full commitment to a tailored personal service in order to build value for you. During a personal consultation, we devise personalised solutions that match your unique objectives and ambitions. We are keen to provide you with services from strategic advice to excellent execution throughout your wealth cycle.

Our ability to enhance the value of and administer something that our clients have sometimes spent their lives accumulating is a priceless skill. For that you need both the trusted advisor and the institution. No single person can possess all the skills required and every bank has its specialties! Thanks to the way we work with (preferred) partners we offer a unique combination; a structured establishment and a selected number of bright external specialists working as a team. We know that every Private Bank aspires to become your trusted advisor. Only a few have the qualities needed to create an enduring and genuine partnership. How often have you been introduced to the next successor of your ‘trusted advisor’ or was your bank taken over or merged with another one?

The management and preservation of wealth for generations requires skills, trust, care, thought, entrepreneurial behaviour and continuous innovation for which we stand for. In order to understand your needs, goals and circumstances, we invest a lot of time, drawing on our knowledge and skills to project into the future to safeguard and shape your wealth. Our clients’ satisfaction and loyalty is and will remain the most reliable indicator of our success.

In Switzerland we are a member of Polyreg ( Legal entities with a legal domicile within Switzerland and acting as a financial intermediary like we are, have to be regulated by law. PolyReg is a self-regulatory body recognised by the Swiss Federal Money Laundering Control Authority. It is established according to the Swiss Money Laundering Act (MLA) and acts as regulatory and supervising organisation (SRO) for its members. The founder Richard Crombach CEFA is registered at the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI) in the Netherlands.
“Theory is when you know everything and nothing works.
Practice is when everything works and nobody knows why.
Science can measure everything. In general, it is useless”
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