About the logo

Only 4 years ago, searching for a symbol that would fully express his aspiration, passion and principles, the founder of Mont-Blanc Wealth Management Services AG/SARL ‘Richard Crombach’ set his sights on Europe‘s highest mountain.

With the mountain’s impressive summit of eternal ice and its six glacier tongues glistening steadfastly on all sides, it is in the truest sense, a rock standing firm against the crashing surf of time. This image represents today, as it should still in many years to come, the permanence and timelessness of the company, as well as the traditional values and highest standards to which we are dedicated.

The logo represents the inside of an ice crystal which has numerous shapes, but mainly exist of water, like human beings. When you have a closer look you will see the ‘M’ of Mont-Blanc in brown in the top of the logo and below the ‘W’ of Wealth Management Services in blue. The white inside of the logo is the icy top of the Mont-Blanc seen from above.
“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life”
(Steve Jobs 1955-2011)
Mont-Blanc Wealth Management Services AG
Baarerstrasse 50
6300 Zug
Phone: Richard Crombach CFA (Founder) +41 78 911 0670
Mail: info@mont-blancwms.com